People often hear sensory toys and jump to conclusions but sensory toys can be beneficial for all children. We want to break the stigma and explain why sensory toys and activities can be fun and stimulating for all little ones. When it comes to toys especially at this time of the year it can be overwhelming trying to find the right gift that will engage the toy experts in our lives, we are going to give you some insights into what sensory toys can be helpful for such as fine motor skill development and boosting concentration. We will show you some of our faves that Grace really enjoyed playing with. We will be showing places where sensory toys are available and some of the ranges that are stocked. One thing I enjoy about sensory play is that it can be done at home and there are loads of brilliant DIY things that are so much fun and we can't wait to start showing you some we have done and some we plan to do. If any of your little ones have an activity you think we should try let us know. 

So we saw this DIY bubble slime stuff on TikTok and had the bits we needed if you want to try please make sure your lid is closed tight as the foam expands alot and I underestimated the size of my blender

 I used :

1/4 cup of Fairy dish soap

 1cup of water 

3 drops of food colouring 

πŸ’œSensory Cornflour Slime πŸ’œ

This was so much fun and really easy to clean up after. Normally I would have measured out how much we used but it was so much fun letting her feel the different textures as we added the water to get to watery custard consistency. Also I searched everywhere for food colouring and I think elves may have moved them.


What to do: Put most of the cornflour in the bowl • Slowly add water to the cornflour until it starts to behave 'strangely' – you'll need about twice as much cornflour than water so be careful not to add too much! Move your hand through the mixture, first slowly then quickly • Try to punch it! πŸ‘Š 

Sensory play is great for calming your child. Kids and babies can often become easily overstimulated, anxious, or frustrated. After some sensory games, children are generally calmer, and sometimes even sleepy. A great example of this is water play during bathtime! Sensory play, especially when using baby bath toys, is fun and beneficial for your babies and toddlers. You may have noticed that after a bath, your little one is especially tired and calm. Along with other types of sensory activities for babies, in general, sensory play helps to regulate discomfort, anxiety, restlessness, and agitation. Sensory play is a great pre-bedtime activity as well!

These guys are a fave in this house especially the orange guy (yes this is the orange one the lighting is just doing me dirty) when your little one places each dolphin 🐬 into the ring it will make a different sound of the Do Ra Me scales giggles will definitely be heard when playing with these guys because if they're put in too quick it sounds like the less musical toots πŸ˜† 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 

I'll pop the link here for any one that wants it

Have you ever made your own edible paint??πŸ’œ

We all know the kiddos like to put everything into their mouths, so painting can be frustrating. This idea is amazing and safe which makes paint time so much easier and relaxed.😁


:- 4 tablespoons of corn flour

:- Cold water

:- 1 cup of boiling water 

:- Food colouring 


In a saucepan mix the corn flour with enough water to make a paste (not to runny)

Pour in 1 cup of boiling water and whisk until there are no lumps

Put over medium heat and mix. The mixture will change and you will notice some clear streaks forming. Once you see this take of the heat and continue stirring until you accomplish a custard style thickness.

Separate into containers and add your food colouring. Mixing until completely combined. 

 This paint should last up to 2 weeks in the fridge when covered in cling film. 

Please always check if you store your paint that it has not turned before giving to your child. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Edible Snow

Sticking with the edible sensory play here is a fun winter themed one. This combination of flour and oil has many uses as a sensory base. It is a really wonderful option as an activity for younger kids, as it is edible and so fun to play with (and less panic for parents as most products like these are highly toxic). Messy play is important any time of year, but this edible fake snow makes Winter sensory play really awesome. 


How to make the edible fake snow (I use a cup measurements as i find it easier when involving small helpers):

-10 cups of flour

-3/4 cup filled with oil of your choice I use coconut oil but baby oil or vegetable oil work too.

Combine the flour and the oil until a crumbly mixture is formed. If you want a thicker consistency, add more oil, for a fluffier (and messier) texture add more flour. 

For my ease of cleaning I like to put down a black bin liner on the table or floor depending where we're playing it just so it's pick up the bag and shimmy it back into a container to use again. 

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