Sibling stories

Gerard's story 💜💜

My name is Gerard (14), I am Grace's big brother. Here's my story. 

I was so excited when Mam and Dad told me I was getting a new brother or sister. I was kinda hoping for a boy but I wasn't too pushed. I was kinda stressed cause Dad had told us if mam wanted sweets or any weird food that we weren't to say anything just to go get it, so I thought mam was going to start putting pickles on her ice cream 🤢🤮

When mam went into hospital just for her injection and then had to stay I was kinda worried but they told me she would be home in a day or 2. Then the next tuesday we got the day off school and were told we were going into see mam in hospital. When we got in there mam and dad showed us a picture of this tiny creepy baby. They told us it was our new Sister Grace, that she had to be born early cause she was a little sick and doctors could help her better. They told us she would be in hospital for a long time so she could get bigger and stronger. We wanted to see her but we weren't allowed to go down to the unit cause only parents were allowed. 

When Grace got sent to Dublin I got really scared but mam and dad kept telling me it was ok and I was just to make sure that she had the best doctors for her. Sometimes I didn't believe them.

I wanted my sister at home. I hadn't seen her, I only had pictures and videos that mam would send us. I want to touch her cause I was like she wasnt real. Grace came home like 3 weeks later and we were told we could see her soon because Santa was visiting her and wanted to meet her brother and sister too.

When we got to see Grace, she was so tiny. She was all dressed up in a Santa dress but she looked so cute. She was in a room on her own so we were able to be with her for a while. There were lots of really scary machines in there but Mam, Dad and a lovely nurse explained what they all we fe e and why Grace needed them. I got to hold her hand and she was really strong. I was so excited when I got home I thought she would be home with us really soon. As Christmas eve was coming we knew Grace wouldn't be here with us but that was ok cause she needed to grow more. Christmas was fun but it was really weird and kinda sad because we didnt have Grace with us. We got to see her again for a little bit and bring her stuff that Santa got her into her. 

A couple of more weeks passed and mam and dad told us Grace would be home really soon, maybe Monday. Monday arrived and we were told 1 more week. Then it happened, Grace came home. Omg she was tiny but I got to hold her and pick her up and stare at her. We were told that she still had a lot going on and we would need to help but I didn't mind. 

Grace still has lots going on that can be hard and really annoying when we e cant do certain things but then she comes in and says "Morno Gerard" and snuggles up with me. Shes so funny and does some really bold things but she makes me laugh everyday. 💜💜


*** side note***

I just want to add as Gerard's mam. He is the most caring big brother, even when she drives him batty, he gives her time. He is a big brother I always wanted ❤❤

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